The 'magic' thing about writing a fantasy is you can play pretend.

So, here I am, playing pretend that Phototime is being made into a blockbuster movie, and I can choose who will play each role.

Ooh, and before I do, let me explain that another great thing about playing pretend, is that you can pick the actors at any time in their careers.  

There are no steadfast rules with fantasy, I'll have you know.

Take Isaac, for example, he's 23 in the novel, but the actor I would love to play him is about 37 now (a rather lovely and talented 37, I might add)  But I need him as he was about ten years ago to play Isaac O'Donnell. Step forward James McAvoy of 2006, the part is yours, if you want it.

Now, the actor I have in mind for Cillian, suits the actor as he is today.  Russell Crowe,  please grab a script. Oh, go on, you know you want to.

The James Corden of a few years back would have been perfect for Ricky. So, I'll just rev up my time machine, go back in time, and ask the younger version of the funny man to pop forward in time to play the part. 

Yeah, I know what you're going to say. I'm getting too silly now. Losing touch with reality. Everything is getting a bit unbelievable. You're finding it hard to dispel your disbelief.  

But surely that's the great thing about fantasy, isn't it? Nobody expects things to be normal...and they certainly aren't in Phototime. 


  1. Russell Crowe's just perfect for Cillian :o)

  2. I thought so - especially as he was born in NZ and educated in Australia - perfect!