If you've read and enjoyed Phototime, and would like to make a comment or write a mini-review about it, that would be brilliant.  Please do so in the comment box below, or email me at amandabrittany@aol.com, and I will add it into this post. Or if you've reviewed the novel elsewhere, do let me know. 

Hopefully the comments will tempt more people to read it, and in turn raise more money.

Thank you.💙

What's been said about Phototime:

'I read and enjoyed it very much; I was particularly taken with Isaac, a very believable and well-drawn character to whom I felt an immediate connection. Very engaging and fun to read.' 
A Publisher who read Phototime. (It's true, I'm not making it up! :-))

'A cracking good novel!' 

An agent who read Phototime. (Again - it's the truth - cross my heart!)

'A very good plot with lots of twists and turns.I looked forward to each chapter of Phototime.'  GB.  

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