Sorry in advance if this sounds as if I'm accepting a BAFTA!

Thank you to Luke Brittany for the brill cover design, and for the short story that inspired Phototime.

To Kevin Brittany, for casting his critical eye over the novel. And knowing how honest he can be, I was really chuffed he liked it. :-)

To Karen Clarke, for all her help and support.

To my Australian family, without them I would never have visited Australia, and Phototime would never have been written.

To Lucynda Burwin, Sue Allen, Cheryl Game, Liam and Daniel Brittany, Sherri Turner, Helen Walters, Teresa Ashby, Sarah Swatridge, Karen Clarke, Kath Dews, Chris Foster, Maria Perry Mohan, Marian Keyes (yes she really did retweet Sherri's Tweet about the venture) and to everyone else who has helped by Tweeting, Facebooking, Retweeting, Blogging, or sharing by word of mouth or email about Phototime and/or The Cold.  

And last but definitely not least thank you to everyone who has donated to my Just Giving Page - you are all fantastic, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.💜  X