I'm blogging  Phototime hoping to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The reason behind my madness, brainwave, loss of plot, brilliant idea...call it what you will...is my sister has been battling cancer for three years, and I often feel at a loss.

How do you make that right?
Well obviously you can’t.   

Of course being supportive and keeping positive makes things easier. But I've always felt I needed to do something more, so I've decided as writing is my thing, what better way than blogging my novel.

There's no pressure to donate, but if you would like to, I've set up a JUST GIVING page you can find by clicking HERE.  

£2 is the minimum the Just Giving page will accept but I'm hoping as it's a good cause you might like to donate £2.😊  THANK YOU!


  1. What a lovely idea! Some of Charles Dickens' novels were published in monthly or weekly installments so you're in very good company :o) I'm looking forward to reading your first chapter.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I'd forgotten that Charles Dickens' used to publish in installments, hopefully some of his success will rub off.